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Gloryholes in san francisco

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Gloryholes in san francisco

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Comments There are a few telltale s it's been an especially rainy winter in Northern California. Often there are mudslides check francidco, tons of snow mooloolaba massage the Sierra yup, got thatand then there's the Glory Hole.

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Instead, it's located near the top.

The overflow pours into the hole with a rush like a huge drain in a giant bathtub. At Lake Berryessa, the lake level topped full and spilled into the Glory Hole, show here in a photograph taken last Tuesday Photo: Rick Partlow For more stories like this, check out The Chronicle's weekly Travel newsletter!

After the water francixco over the lip of the Glory Hole, it then drops feet and flushes into Putah Creek. It operates similar do girls like creampies a bathtub drain, but, in this case, the drain isn't at the bottom of the tub. Some water watchers are flying drones to capture the phenomenon from the air.

The Glory Hole is Lake Berryessa's unconventional spillway. up here.

Often there are mudslides checktons of snow in the Sierra yup, got tampa male massageand then there's the Glory Hole. Most of the time it juts above the lake surface and is a curiosity for travelers passing by it on Highway past Markley Cove.

When the North Bay gets lots of rain, the Napa County reservoir fills and water starts to spill into the hole. She walked over to see for herself and lo and behold: the Glory Hole poureth over. Comments There are a few telltale s escort service long beach been an especially rainy winter in Northern California. glryholes

You can see it from the shore, the road and a boat. That benchmark was also passed Tuesday morning.

Over the weekend, a rare scene at the Glory Hole made it the best site for water watching across the region.